About Us

Solutions to improve quality and efficiency in cheesemaking.


Fromagex has been offering a wide range of products for cheesemaking for the last 16 years. Our team is proud to offer an excellent service and support in a personalized approach orientated to production efficiency and quality.


We are a dynamic business based on teamwork, efficiency and client approach. We work as partners with our clients and suppliers to create success and we are always willing to share our experience and knowledge.





Yann-Éric Pelletier - General Manager

Simon Desmarais - Business Development



Marie Carrier - Operations & IT

Patrick Desjardins - Logistic

Patricia Glaz - Logistic

Janick Côté -  Warehouse

Jean-Paul Lauzier - Warehouse

Patrick Cyr - Warehouse

Charlene Finnel - Warehouse USA

Susie Robichaud - Accounting

Nanny Deschênes - Accounting



Paul Dostie - Customer service

Steve Lupien - Customer service

Robert Aguilera - Sales USA

Matthieu Frégault - Sales Canada

Adam Komlosy Paradis - Sales Canada

Jonathan Desrosiers - Communications, Sales & Marketing



Our human-scale team is currently growing to better serve our clients and meet the business growth challenges. The following positions are currently open:

- Sales representative USA - WEST

- Warehouse clerk - USA (Kansas City)


If you think someone you know can be happy working with us, feel free to send this opportunity along. If you are this person, please submit your resume to start the conversation at jobs@fromagex.com. We will get back to you quickly.