Traceabilty  labels are not only a simple tool, they will become invaluable to all who use them as more thorough inspections by the FDA become a reality. 


Casein labels have been used by cheese makers in Europe for well over 20 years now.  When I spent time on the cheese counter, knowing that the wheels of Comte I was presenting came from milk of a certain area, and a certain season, made the flavors that presented themselves more understandable.


Spring cheeses taste different from fall cheeses.  That seems like a simple idea, but having that information in concrete form was not only assurance that what I was telling a customer was true, but also an education of my understanding of the cheese’s seasonal character.  Sharing that information was a joy as it was creating a solid connection between the end customer and the product they were about to enjoy.


That being said about a large producer of now world-wide famous cheeses, who has to track 300,000 wheels of cheese at any given time, smaller artisans are now catching on to using casein labels as a tracking tool and selling point.  The best case in point is Ancient Heritage Dairy in Oregon.  Paul and his family have bee using different colored 25mm casein labels to track their aged cheeses for a few years now.  It has made record keeping simple and flavor identification sharing more credible.   

…Side tangent, try Ancient Heritage Dairy’s Scio Heritage, it is one of the best aged sheep milk cheeses in the US and you can order online.  If you do, let me know about your experience(  And if you go to the Portland and buy directly from Paul, tell him that Fromagex sent you and we are big fans…

For more information on casein labels, contact us and ask for a few samples to try with your pressed cheeses.