Kid-goat lipase 80LFU/g 1kg (SpiceIT AG)

SpiceIT® AG can be used for improving the flavor profile of various cheese types including Italian, Italian-style and Feta cheese. Desired flavor profiles are highly subjective and vary according to individual. As a result, selection and dosage of lipases should be adjusted for each market. It is advised to adjust dosage levels according to desired flavor profiles. Read More
Activity 80 LFU/g
Application Various cheese types such as Italian, Italian-style and Feta
Composition Sodium chloride, Maltodextrin, Animal lipase
Storage - Shelf Life 12 months at 4°C
Recommended dose See Technical Spec. Sheet
Product appearance Powder
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SpiceIT® AC est une lipase, issue de l'épiglotte de veaux récemment abattus, qui catalyse les chaînes d'acides gras en acides gras libres. Les acides gras libres contribuent à l'amélioration des arômes de divers types de fromage. Les lipases animales permettent la formation de chaînes d'acides gras plus courtes développant ainsi des arômes plus piquants, très caractéristiques des fromages non pasteurisés.