Soft cheese making is delicate, detailed work that can sometimes present challenges in production time.  Block moulds present a solution that not only shortens the time spent in the production room, but also increases consistency in the final product. 

Also, these moulds make increasing your production, within your existing space a possibility as they take advantage of the often looked over vertical space available.


Here are a few examples of cheese makers that made the investment in block moulds:


Jasper Hill Farm


Crave Brothers Farmstead


If you have questions about working with block mould systems and making the jump from individual moulds, contact us for more information. You can also visit the following sections of the website to have a look at the available products: moulding and draining tables, draining plates and block-moulds. And do reach out  to your fellow cheese making colleagues who use them to get a better idea of the benefits and realities of working with block moulds.


Robert Aguilera