How to have access to the prices and documents that are associated to products (spec sheets, etc.)?

You have to create an account here. You will then see the links to download the technical sheets at the bottom of each product page.

Do you have all of your products on the website?

Yes. All of the standard products are shown on the website.  If you are looking for something else, please contact us and we will assist you.

Do you offer special pricing?

Yes. We have discount prices based on quantities. These prices are shown on the product page if you are a cheesemaking facility.  If you are looking for larger volume or need to discuss about pricing, please contact us. If you are not a commercial client, you still benefit from volume pricing, they will be automatically adjusted in the shopping cart before you complete your purchase.

Do you have everything in stock?

No. We have more than 10 000 sq ft of warehouse that we manage in an efficient way to minimise delivery delays for our clients. Our stock is then orientated to the most common sold products and the longer delay ones to meet a just in time commitment for our clients.

Do you manufacture custom equipments?

No. We have standard products that can be modified with minor adjustements in their design.

Can I order custom size paper?

Yes. There is no minimum order but there is a cutting fee that applies. Please contact our customer service.

Do you offer technical support?

Yes. We support our clients in the evaluation of their needs, product selection, optimization in production and troubleshooting production issues. We do not develop production techniques and we do not act as consultants in projects.

Do you sell to individuals?

Yes. Everyone is welcome to order. There is no minimum order level.

Is there a minimum order?

No. Shipping charges applies to orders. It then becomes more economical to order less frequently and larger orders. You may also have access to quantity discount when you do so.

What are the accepted payment methods?

Cash (pickup only), Checks, Credit Cards, Paypal and Bank Transfer. Clients that already have a line of credit with us may place their order on on website by providing their PO# at checkout.

Do you charge for shipping?

Yes. The shipping policy is here. Please take note that some products have a shipping surcharge because of their oversized weight or dimension. You can also use your own account with a carrier or pickup at our warehouse.

In which currency will I be billed in?

Canadian customers are billed in $CAN, US customers are billed in $US. We also bill specific clients in Euros. International clients can choose the currency they want to be billed in.

How often do prices change?

With more than 2 500 products, the prices cannot be updated at a specific frequency and are then re-evaluated on a per-product basis regularly. We do not send a pre-advisal for an incoming price change.  Prices shown on the website are updated and valid.


Do you have recipes and cheesemaking references for the products you carry?

Yes. Please contact our customer service and note that these are for large-scale production (more than 1000l)

How to choose a cheese mould?

The first thing to consider when selecting a mould is the cheese to be sold, its price point and type. From there you should:
  • Choose the final weight of the cheese you want to market
  • Select the shape and dimensions
  • Look for the appropriate mould in our catalog
  • Moulds are presented in our catalog and website accortding to their type. Some cheeses can be done in various types of moulds. We suggest that you first fix the type of cheese, its final weight and shape before contacting us. We will then be in a position to help you more efficiently.

How to evaluate the size of paper needed to wrap one cheese?

There are mathematical formulas to evaluate the appropriate size of paper to use to wrap a given cheese according to its shape:
  • Cylindrical cheese: Lenght = Width = ( 2 X H + 2,33 X Ø ) / 1,414
  • Regular square cheese: Lenght = 2 X H + 2 X c + 20 mm; Width = 2 X H + c
  • Optimized square cheese: Lenght = Width = (2 X H + 2 X c + 40 mm) / 1,41
  • Half-Moon cheese: Lenght = 2 X H + Ø + 20 mm; Width = 2 X H + Ø
  • Rectangular cheese: Lenght = 2 X H + 2 X l + 20 mm; Width = 2 X H + L
  • Wedge: Lenght = Width = (4 X r / 3 + 2 X H + 10 mm) / 1,41
  • You can download the calculation excel spreadsheet here
  • Example: We use a square piece of paper to wrap a round cheese. To find out the dimension, we used the following formula  ( 2 X H + 2,33 X Ø ) / 1,414. Then, if a cheese is 4'' (100mm) of diameter x 1,5'' (38mm) high, the answer will be 8,7'' (220mm) .  You then need a paper of 8,7'' (220mm) x 8,7''  (220mm) to wrap it. 

How to evaluate the weight of a cheese based on its dimension?

First calculate its volume in cubic centimeter and multiply by its density. You will get its weight in grams. There are 454g in 1 pound and 1 oz = 28,35g


What is the expected delivery delay on an order?

We ships orders within a delay of 24 hours and the transit delay could vary from 1 to 10 days following your location. Rural West Coast destinations gets the longer delay of delivery since we ship from East Coast. See here for more information.

How do you ship perishable products?

Most of the perishable products can be shipped without refrigeration except frozen cultures that have to be shipped under dry ice.

What to do if an order arrives with damages?

You have to advise us immediately and refuse the delivery when possible if there are apparent damages. The products sent by Fromagex are insured by Fromagex when the carrier is booked by Fromagex. In order to register a claim,you shall notify the damaged shipment on the carrier bill of lading and contact Fromagex upon reception of the package. If the damage to a product is noticed after its reception, the claim should be done through a return authorization number given by our customer service. It is mandatory to provide pictures of the damaged box and products and details when asking for a return number. The claim has to be sent no later than 24 hours after the reception of the products. Please read the section about returns here