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Our human-scale organization grows each year, we strive to identify and meet the needs of our clientele.

Service technician

The technician will be responsible to implement the project into the client environment. In partnership with the manufacturer and the project manager, he/she will participate in the technical study of the equipment or solution and validate the conformity with the local requirement.
At this position, he/she will work on cheese equipment such as cheese vat, fully automated production line or stand-alone machine.
The proposed solutions improve the performance and the quality of our client’s products. They have to be adapted to the needs. Understanding and mastering these interests is at the core of the job.

For the past 20 years, Fromagex has grown and solidified its presence in North America as a key distributor for cheesemaking solutions, supplies and equipment. We work as partners with our suppliers and clients to improve product quality and efficiency in dairy plants.

Join the Fromagex team as it keeps generating success through relationships with suppliers and clients.


  • Project Development (pre-project and project):

    · Technical support for the Project Manager
    · Integration of the product in the customer’s environment: Site survey, PI&D implementation, maintenance requirements

    Startup and service:

    · Plan delivery, installation and commissioning with customers and local stakeholders
    · Participate or responsible for the start-up of equipment, solve the stakes to meet performance commitments, Production monitoring, problem solving
    · Establishes service by studying system requirements; ordering and gathering components and parts.
    · Serves existing accounts by analyzing work orders; investigating complaints; conducting tests; resolving problems.
    · Maintains rapport with customers by examining complaints; identifying solutions; suggesting improved methods and techniques; recommending system improvements.

  • · Proven Field Service experience
    · Ability to troubleshoot, test, repair and service technical equipment
    · English Fluent, French or Spanish is a plus
    · Experience in food industry, cheese industry is a plus
    · Technical degree or certification
    · Significant experience in electromechanical and pneumatic
    · Automation basics
    · Proficient with Autocad, Solidworks or other engineering drawing software
    · Travel in USA, Canada and Europe
    · Ability to work alone and take measured initiatives.
    · Ability to support a remote team

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