CC-04 Frozen 500u

Mesophilic homofermentative culture, type O. This culture contains specially selected strains chosen for their phage resistance and ability to produce lactic acid quickly. This culture does not produce CO2. Read More
ApplicationCheddar and semi hard cheese
Product SpecificationsFast acidification
Product SpecificationsDoes not produce CO2
Product SpecificationsPhage resistance
CompositionLactococcus lactis sub. cremoris
CompositionLactococcus lactis sub. lactis
Storage - Shelf Life12 months at -45°C
Recommended dose500U/5000L
Product appearanceGranulate
Conditioning50U pouch - Freeze-dried DVS
Strain typeThermophilic
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Culture mésophile homofermentaire, type O. Cette culture est composée de souches spécialement choisies pour leur résistance aux bactériophages et leur vitesse d'acidification rapide. Cette culture ne produit pas de CO2.