DCC-260 Frozen 350u

Aromatic culture blend. The DCC culture range provides cultures with very fast acidification properties at a low inoculation rate. The culture produces flavor and CO2. Read More
Mélange de culture aromatique. La gamme de cultures DCC offrent des cultures à acidification rapide à taux d'inoculation faible. La culture est productrice d'arôme et de CO2.
Application Dutch and Continental cheese
Product Specifications Flavor
Product Specifications Gas producing
Product Specifications Very fast acidification/high gas
Composition Lactobacillus helveticus
Composition Lactobacilli paracasei
Composition Lactococcus lactis sub. cremoris
Composition Lactococcus lactis sub. lactis biovar diacetylactis
Composition Leunostoc species Streptococcus thermoiphilus
Storage - Shelf Life 12 months at -45°C
Recommended dose 350U/5000L
Strain type Mix mesophilic/thermophilic
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