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Chr Hansen SWING cultures

Achieve the flavor profile and texture you want for your cheese

Try our SWING cultures along with Chr Hansen ripening and starter cultures. Together, they offer the range of possibilities to create cheeses that will exceed your expectations.

Milk Treatment
Milk treatment
Culture & Fermentation
Culture & fermentation
Coagulation & Cutting
Coagulation & cutting
Vat process & pre-draining
Vat process & pre-draining
Moulding & Forming
Moulding & forming
Draining & Pressing
Draining & pressing
Ripening & Curing
Ripening & curing
Handling & Packaging
Handling & packaging
Selling at the counter
Selling at the counter
Cleaning & Sanitation
Cleaning & sanitation
Parts and maintenance
Parts & maintenance
Quality control
Quality control
Milk Treatment Milk treatment

Milk treatment

Lactose-free products with
Nola™ Fit lactase

Sell an added value product on a growing market
Reduce the sugar added to your products
Moving to a lactose-free product is simple

Chr Hansen Nola™ Fit is an enzyme (lactase) that converts lactose into glucose and galactose. When using it in a sweetened product, you can lower the amount of added sugar thanks to its natural sweeter taste.

Culture-Fermentation Culture & fermentation

Culture & fermentation

FreshQ bioprotective cultures

Clean label 
All-natural culture-based bioprotection. No additives
Inhibits yeasts and moulds to avoid contamination
Shelf life 
Extend product shelf-life stays fresh after opening.

FreshQ bioprotective cultures are providing a level of insurance for product quality by helping control yeast and moulds contamination in dairy products.

Coagulation & Cutting Coagulation & cutting

Coagulation and cutting

MICROLANT® Supreme, the latest and most efficient microbial coagulant on the market

+ 0,3% yield vs other microbial coagulants
Less primary proteolysis leading to less bitterness in ripening
Approved for ORGANIC cheese

MICROLANT Supreme from Chr Hansen brings a high-quality solution to microbial coagulants. Suitable for organic cheeses, this solution offers more yield, a better and more specific coagulation and a great option for aged organic cheeses.

Vat process & pre-draining Vat process & pre-draining

Vat process & pre-draining

Lactic cheeses hemipherical coagulation vat

75 L 
Deal capacity for moulding a vat quickly
The hemispherical shape is the best for scooping curd gently
Well suited for manual moulding, washing and handling

Available on wheels, this lactic hemispherical vat is perfect for scooping and ladling lactic curd. Made in Food-grade LDPE.

Moulding & Forming Moulding & forming

Moulding & forming

Microperforated 20lbs
rectangular mould

More yield thanks to the efficiency and control
Delivers a perfect shape cheese constantly
Saves time both in pressing and preparation

This microperfoated mould is made by BUSQUI and it is approved by 3A. It is used for cheddar and other cheeses.

Draining & Pressing Draining & pressing

Draining & pressing

Horizontal modular press

Compatible with moulds from 70 to 400 mm diameter
Capacity of 5 levels, 25 cylindres and 250 moulds
Buy more parts and capacity when you need it

Available in 8ft and 10ft long unit, this modular press can accept a wide range of moulds while offering a precise pressing to every single mould thanks to its design.

Ripening & Curing Ripening & curing

Ripening & curing

Plastic ripening shelf

Open-structure leading to less cheese flips in ripening
Food-grade plastic approved to replace wood or stainless shelves
Easy to clean in a COP tank or a washing tunnel

Ripening shelf available in multiple size and perfect for many type of cheese

Handling & Packaging Handling & packaging

Handling & packaging

Crystal paper

See the color and rind of the cheese through it
Manage the ripening conditions for best flavor and aspect
Attractive to consumers for its look and feel

Crystal paper can wrap all types of soft and semi-hard cheese for ripening. Its translucidity is a good driver for increasing sales

Selling at the counter Selling at the counter

Selling at the counter

Printed Polyflex paper

Available in various designs and sizes
Maintain the quality of cheese for 2-3 weeks
Neutral on the taste profile of the cheese

Polyflex is available in many colors, sizes and designs as well as cutom-made to your own design.This heavy paper is well suited for cut & wrap of cheeses at the counter or for cheese transport from the cellar to through distribution

Cleaning & Sanitation Cleaning & sanitation

Cleaning & sanitation

Immersion tank (COP)

400 L 
Small capacity is perfect for washing moulds
Small footprint, well designed, easy to operate & maintain
Powerful and efficient for short cycle time and energy savings

Compact COP tank configurable with options

Parts & Maintenance Parts & maintenance

Parts & maintenance

Wheels and casters

They last for long in the harsh environment
With their slick and rounded angles, they are easy to clean
Their low-rolling resistance make them easy to move

Buy extra wheels to lower service time when you need them. You can replace the whole casters of the wheels only.

Quality control Quality control

Quality control

Portable pH meter for dairy

Precision of +/- 0.02 pH
Easy to clean and maintain
Perfect for in-plant use

This portable pH meter is designed specifically for dairy products. The penetration probe is well suited for use in cheese and liquid products.

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