a/B Frozen 200g (Probiotic)

Thermophilic culture. The culture contains the documented probiotic strains BB-12® and LA-5®. The strains have a long history of safe use and clinical documentation on possible heath benefits are avaliable upon request. Likewise are certificates of identification and certificates of safety and origin. The culture is primarily used in production of probiotic dairy products such as fermented milk (yoghurt, butter milk). It may also be applied in fluid milk, cottage cheese, frozen desserts and juice based beverages. The culture can be applied alone or in combination with other lactic acid cultures such as yoghurt or mesophilic aromatic cultures (type LD). A HACCP risk assessment has been carried out for fermented dairy products. For all other applications a risk assessment should be completed before the product is released for sale as food safety hazards will differ from fermented products. Read More
Culture thermophile. Elle contient les souches probiotiques documentées BB-12® et LA-5®. La culture a un long historique d'utilisation. La documentation sur de possibles effets bénéfiques pour la santé est disponible sur demande. De même que les certificats d'identification, d'origine et les données de sécurité.
ApplicationFermented milk products with probiotics
Product SpecificationsFast acidification/medium gas
CompositionLactobacillus acidophilus
Storage - Shelf Life12 months at -45°C
Recommended dose500U/2500L
Product appearanceGranulate
Conditioning50U pouch - Freeze-dried DVS
Strain typeThermophilic
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