CR-SAVORY 02 Frozen 500u

A defined adjunct culture blend which enhances the overall flavor intensity of the cheese by accentuating important flavor notes. It enhances the balanced, mellow, rounded and clean flavors and suppresses unwanted flavors like sour, bitter and flat. Read More
Mélange de cultures d'affinage définies participant à l'intensité aromatique du fromage en exhaustant des notes aromatiques importantes.Il accroît l'équilibre la rondeur et le moelleux en supprimant les notes amères, acides et le manque de caractère.
Application Cheddar and related hard cheese
Product Specifications Aroma developing
Composition Lactobacillus acidophilus
Composition Lactococcus lactis sub. lactis
Composition Lactobacillus helveticus
Composition Pediococcus acidilactici
Storage - Shelf Life 12 months at -45°C
Recommended dose 500U/5000L
Product appearance Granulate
Conditioning 500U bag - Frozen
Strain type Mix mesophilic/thermophilic
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