Microbial lipase 4000LFU/g 5kg (SpiceIT MR)

SpiceIT® MR is a pure, standardized lipase produced by submerged fermentation using an Aspergillus oryzae strain. The production organism is kept under contained condition and is not present in the final product. The enzyme catalyzes the breakdown of fat, resulting in the formation of free fatty acids. Free fatty acids contribute to improved flavor of various cheese types. Read More
SpiceIT® MR est une lipase standardisée pure produite par fermentation d'une souche de Aspergillus oryzae de telle façon que l’organisme de production reste confiné et n’est pas présent dans le produit fini. L'enzyme permet la formation d'acides gras libres qui contribuent à l'amélioration du profil aromatique de plusieurs types de fromages.
Activity 4000 LFU/g
Application Various cheese types such as Italian, Italian-style and Feta
Composition Water, Sorbitol (E 420), Lipase, Potassium Sorbate E202 (<=0,5%), Sodium benzoate E211 (<=0.5%)
Storage - Shelf Life 24 months at 4°C
Recommended dose See Technical Spec. Sheet
Product appearance Liquid
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