Epsiliseen®-H (Min. 95% Polylysine) 500g

Epsiliseen®-H delivers broad antimicrobial effect against moulds, yeasts, Gram-positive and especially Gram-negative bacteria, with active natural ingredient ?-Polylysine. It is suitable for versatile applications in food, feed, cosmeceutical and pharmaceutical industry. Read More
Epsiliseen®-H offre un large effet antimicrobien contre les moisissures, les levures, les bactéries Gram-positives et particulièrement Gram-négatives, avec l'ingrédient naturel actif ?-Polylysine. Il convient aux applications polyvalentes dans l'industrie alimentaire, alimentaire, cosméceutique et pharmaceutique.
ApplicationAny type of cheese
Compositionε-Polylysine Min. 95%
Storage - Shelf Life24 months at 4°C
Recommended doseSee Technical Spec. Sheet
ColorWhite to creamy-white
Product appearancePowder
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